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Finally, Video Conferencing
That Connects the Often Unconnected


The first in a series of incredibly short and helpful guides from Blue Jeans Network …

Interoperability: Connecting the previously unconnected

Download your COMPLIMENTARY COPY of The Ins & Outs of Video Conferencing, Issue No. 1: Interoperability to learn how everyone, from the IT professional to the CEOs of multinational companies, can enhance and expand the use of video conferencing across multiple platforms.
Today’s workforce needs an innovative, easy-to-use and cost-effective video conferencing tool that lets them collaborate wherever, however and whenever they want. 

And now, Blue Jeans provides just that. We offer a system-agnostic service that’s fully in the cloud. You can have a group call with colleagues using Cisco, Skype, Polycom or just a web browser and a camera — to name a few options.

And what does this unbridled, newfound freedom mean for you and your business?
  • Pain-free, interoperable video conferencing technology
  • Happier-than-ever users who can now use any video-enabled device or in-browser access
  • Effective and efficient video meetings that heighten engagement for today’s highly mobile business world
Download The Ins & Outs of Video Conferencing, Issue No. 1: Interoperability now.

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