Don't Become a Conferencing Service Hostage

Questions to consider and ask when choosing a cloud video conferencing service

Cloud video conferencing services offer a wide range of benefits including no up-front cost, access to power features, unlimited scale, free trial periods, and no-commitment business models. But don’t be fooled—not all services are created equal. The fact that you’re on a month-to-month "no risk" plan doesn’t mean you can jump between services and providers on a whim. Once your end-users start using a service, it’s part of their workflow, and any changes severely disrupt productivity. For this reason, you must choose once - and choose wisely.

After many years of helping enterprises make difficult decisions, Wainhouse Research has compiled a list of the key areas to consider and questions to ask before signing on the dotted line:

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Our Expert Speakers

Ira Weinstein
Senior Analyst & Partner, Wainhouse Research

Ira M. Weinstein is a Senior Analyst and Partner at Wainhouse Research (WR) and a 20-year veteran of the conferencing, collaboration, and audio-visual industries.

Ira is an expert on video conferencing, collaboration, audio-visual, and UC products and services including group / room solutions, personal systems, and mobile offerings. He has authored hundreds of articles, documents, and reports on the solutions, trends, and technologies within these market spaces.

Robb Woods
Director of Sales Engineering, Blue Jeans Network

Robb is widely respected as a subject matter expert and thought leader in the video conferencing and unified communications space. His expertise has been built over the past two decades, working with industry leaders, manufacturers, and customers of all sizes. As a trusted advisor, he has been integral in the UC and visual collaboration strategies of numerous global organizations, Robb is currently the Head of Sales Engineering at Blue Jeans Network where he joined the founding team in early 2011.