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BlueJeans cloud-based video conferencing service — easy, compatible, affordable.

Our platform extends high quality video collaboration beyond the boundaries of specialized conference rooms. Finally, you have access to everyone you want to meet. BlueJeans can bridge together business and consumer video conferencing solutions, enabling you to collaborate more effectively with colleagues, customers, partners, suppliers and your social network.

  • System Agnostic. 
We harmonize with most business and consumer video conferencing endpoints. Just tell everyone — colleagues, customers, partners, suppliers, even your social network — to BYOD (bring your own device) to your meeting.
  • Frustration-free. 
Schedule and host meetings from our easy and intuitive Web interface. Just click a link or dial a number, then control the show as Administrator for a better meeting experience for all. You’ll be thanked afterward.
  • Cloud-based.  All you need is a video conferencing device and someone to meet; we’ll take care of the rest. Expensive infrastructure, complicated configurations and “pre-meeting practice drills” can be checked at the door.
  • Scalable and Secure. Invite up to 100 people from anywhere in the world to connect with confidence in our secure service.

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