According to a recent BlueJeans survey, workers believe that they can skip 37% of their meetings and not lose any productivity. Employees need the confidence to decline meetings if the right attendees are not there or if a meeting isn’t going to deliver a clear outcome. And when meetings are truly important, teams deserve the right tools to run them effectively.

To address these meeting pain points, we launched BlueJeans Smart Meetings. Smart Meetings allows meeting hosts and attendees to capture the most important discussion points, assign action items, and catch-up quickly with time-saving highlight reels. With Smart Meetings, you will see improved meeting engagement and follow-through.

Join our Smart Meetings discussion to discover how you can use Smart Meetings at no additional cost. 

The webinar will cover:
    • Why customers are turning to BlueJeans Smart Meetings
    • Sample Use Cases for Smart Meetings
    • Best Practices for making the most out of Smart Meetings
    • Limited Time Promotion — Free Smart Meetings Licenses


Shailesh Hegde

Principal Product Manager