Miller Mediation and Solution provides group facilitation for businesses and families dealing with housing, financial and eldercare transitions. They focus on arranging confidential conversations between family members, in real-time, regardless of location, to make decisions quicker and with more clarity.

Accordingly, Miller Mediation and Solution achieves accessibility by relying on the quality of audio, ease-of-use, and flexibility of video conferencing. By doing so they help bridge the digital divide between generations and save end-users time and money on travel.

Join our conversation with Miller Mediation and learn:

    • Insider tips on how to operate business semi-remotely
    • The benefits of one-touch to join and other ease-of-use feature
    • How to reduce business and end-user travel expenses


Amy Miller
President, Miller Mediation and Solution

Amy Headshot-cropped.jpg

Miller Mediation and Solution received honorable mention for BlueJeans Best of Breed "Biggest Impact". To learn more about BlueJeans Best of Breed Awards visit

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