The University of Louisville created a program, Pulse of Surgery, connecting middle and high school students to surgeons, nursing staff and perfusionists during live open-heart surgery. 

They are utilizing BlueJeans Rooms and BlueJeans Meetings to teach and share information in spaces, like surgical rooms, that were otherwise off-limits to students. Their program is providing a unique first-hand experience that can only be facilitated by video conferencing. 

Also, during the COVID-19 crisis, the University of Louisville is adapting its use of video conferencing from education to operational to ease healthcare professionals' workload and help patients without meeting them on-site. 

Join our conversation with the University of Louisville and learn:

    • Insider tips on how to access traditionally isolated work environments
    • The benefits of video conferencing equipment
    • How universities hospitals are easing the burden of COVID-19 


Timothy Bickel
TeleHealth Director, University of Louisville

Timothy Bickel.jpeg

The University of Louisville won for BlueJeans Best of Breed "Biggest Impact" customer award. To learn more about BlueJeans Best of Breed Awards visit

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