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It’s always better doing business face to face. But this doesn’t necessarily mean being in the same room. For several decades, video conferencing technology has been connecting thinkers and innovators from across the globe – fuelling growth and driving profitability.

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Yet new research commissioned by Blue Jeans Network has highlighted a disconnect between the perceived usefulness of video conferencing technology and its rate of take-up by businesses. Video conferencing is seen as a promising, but largely untapped, resource.

In today’s always on, connected world, the expectations and experience of video conferencing technology among IT and operations decision makers across the UK varies.

While as many as 75 percent believe its use has had a significant positive impact on their business and employees in helping drive productivity and operational efficiency, there is a clear disparity between users’ expectations and actual experiences.

The study unearths the critical challenges businesses face in successfully harnessing collaboration technology, while also revealing the steps that can be taken to overcome them.

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