The Core of Multipoint Video Conferencing: The MCU

The evolving role of a MCU in a true multi-platform/multipoint video conferencing

In this session, we will dig a bit deeper into the capabilities of an MCU and better understand how its role has evolved over time to deliver true multipoint/multiplatform video confernencing.

Emerging technology trends such as BYOD and mobility along with the drive for richer colloboration is requiring the MCU to do a lot more than what it typically did in the past. Features such as support for a more comprehensive set of call signaling protocols, a robust media transcoding engine to support a diverse set of video endpoints, cross-platform content sharing as well as security are now a set of must-have features when selecting a MCU.

Unlike in the past, today's high proliferation of video endpoints (smartphones, laptops, etc) are also driving IT organizations in the enterprise to better understand issues related to capacity and scale.

Understand better about capacity planning in an MCU

Customer examples of two large enterprises deployments and how multipoint/multi-platform video conferencing was accomplished

multipoint control unit

Web definitions
Video conference with more than two sites. The sites must connect via a video bridge. Also known as a MCU.

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Robb Woods

A 10 year video conferencing veteran, Robb, has been integral in the video conferencing deployment strategies for companies like Wells Fargo, UBS, Kimberly-Clark and others. He spent many years at Polycom before joining the founding team at Blue Jeans Network in 2011, while it was still in beta. 

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