Analyst Roundtable - Connecting with the '3D' Workforce: Distributed, Discontinuous, Decentralized


In the past few years, mobile and cloud technologies have revolutionized the business world. Organizations are forming global partnerships, hiring talent throughout the world, and moving crucial business processes to the cloud; meanwhile, employees are working from home and doing business across borders. These trends are progressive, and positive, and are turning work into an activity more so than a place. 

In embracing these changes, however, organizations are becoming distributed across locations, developing decentralized leadership, and working at discontinuous hours.  So the question becomes, how do you effectively collaborate with this complex, agile and evolving workforce?

Cloud-based video conferencing can be a key piece of technology for connecting this 3D workforce.  It helps organizations leverage the power of face-to-face meetings over video, from any device or location.

Join GigaOm Research for this analyst roundtable about how to connect the fragmented 3D workforce by leveraging cloud-based video conferencing.

In this recorded webcast, topics will include:

  • A deep dive on the technological challenges facing top companies
  • Connecting Lines of Business, IT and functional  management
  • Best practices for leveraging face-to-face meetings and online collaboration tools 

Featured Speakers

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