Multipoint Video Conferencing:
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The key tenets of videoconferencing strategy and how strategies are changing in 2014

In this live videocast, you will see industry data and hear real-life examples that will help you to create a knockout videoconferencing strategy for your organization.

Data shows that one of the top reasons employees don’t use videoconferencing isn’t because they don’t want to − it’s because they don’t have access. That’s why companies that make videoconferencing broadly available to their employees are changing the conversation about its business value. They are starting to focus on video’s application to specific business processes, including customer-facing activities. Referencing data and recent interviews with dozens of companies investing in videoconferencing initiatives, Forrester will present:

Why customers are justifying the cloud as a deployment model for videoconferencing differently now from how they have in the past

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Best practices for maximizing business impact

In addition, hear from Rosetta Stone about their company-wide roll-out of cloud-based videoconferencing and how it has vastly improved collaboration among their widespread workforce.

Senior Analyst  |  Forrester Research

Phil serves CIOs with research on social business & collaboration, video, office productivity, and technology's role in the workforce experience. Phil is also a key contributor to Forrester's Workforce. Technology Needs Assessments -- a survey-based methodology to help IT professionals save money and improve workforce technology use.

IT Director  |  Rosetta Stone

George Hegedus is the Director of Enterprise Services at Rosetta Stone, the leading language learning software company. George and his team manage all employee facing productivity tools, including hardware, software, telecom, help desk, intranet, and unified communications for the company. Prior to Rosetta Stone,George was the Director of Software Development at IT Cadre, an engineering firm in Virginia, a Call Center Assistant General Manager and Director of Service Delivery at AOL for 10 years. Prior to entering the civilian world, George was an Engineer Officer for the US Army for 7 years, and Public Affairs manager for the New Mexico Army National Guard.


How to Create a Knockout Videoconferencing Strategy



How to Create a Knockout Videoconferencing Strategy



Tuesday, August 19th, 2014

IT Manager  |  Rosetta Stone

I have worked at Rosetta Stone in the Support Services organization for the past 6+ years, serving as department manager for the past 3 years, responsible for all Help Desk, Desktop Support, Asset Management, and Identity Access Management services to our global offices. Previously, I worked for Shenandoah Telecommunications, supporting end users and also employees related to the Sprint/Nextel and NTC subsidiaries owned by the company. I have a B.S. in Integrated Science & Technology from James Madison University, with a concentration in Information and Knowledge Management.