Mobile Health for the Masses:
How Video is Mobilizing Patient Care


Slalom Consulting will tell us how a Blue Jeans customer, Seattle Children’s Hospital, is enhancing patient care through the use of mobile video conferencing.

In this videocast, you’ll learn about:

Provider Consultation: Facilitating real-time video communications between providers and care teams at the point of care to facilitate clinical decision making

Population Management: Implementing management systems and a technology platform to coordinate all processes across the continuum of care

Patient Engagement/Education: Engaging a patient in real-time to provide deep insights into his/her condition to enable ongoing and preventive care

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Teresa DeLappe

Slalom, Consultant 

Teresa is a Healthcare Consultant for Slalom Consulting in Seattle, WA bringing over 20 years of experience in Healthcare, ranging from clinical work to Process Improvement and Strategy. Teresa has leveraged her experience as a consultant to work collaboratively with internal and external healthcare partners to develop and execute technology and process changes that support organizational growth and the redesign of health care systems into Accountable Care Organizations. Through technology innovations, Teresa drives the adoption and integration of mHealth initiatives that are focused on aligning with the three aims of healthcare; Care, Health and Cost.   


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