Multipoint Video Conferencing:
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What multipoint video conferencing is and how an MCU enables it

In recent years the diversity and availability of video conferencing technologies has increased dramatically. With the upsurge in video conferencing endpoints comes the challenge of finding ways to bridge these solutions into a single video call. Some organizations may use high-end room systems but have remote team members or offices that only have access to consumer solutions like Skype available to them.

In addition to that, BYOD, Web RTC and mobile communication devices have allowed for more options to connect video participants. The need to connect between differing video conferencing endpoints and the potential business impact is evident. Interoperability among these endpoints will be vital to enabling effective communication and improved collaboration across an organization.

The difference between multipoint and multiplatform video conferencing  

How your organization can deploy multipoint video conferencing 

multipoint video conferencing

Web definitions
Video conference with more than two sites. The sites must connect via a video bridge. Also known as a MCU.

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Robb Woods

A 10 year video conferencing veteran, Robb, has been integral in the video conferencing deployment strategies for companies like Wells Fargo, UBS, Kimberly-Clark and others. He spent many years at Polycom before joining the founding team at Blue Jeans Network in 2011, while it was still in beta. 

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