Engage Your Employees Like Never Before

Amplify engagement in your town halls, all-hands and trainings with interactive video

With BlueJeans Primetime, you can broadcast your all-hands and town hall events to large audiences while creating the interactivity of a small face-to-face meeting. Invite every attendee into the conversation and create a two-way communication channel that everyone feels part of.

Host up to 5,000 attendees in an interactive and personal environment
Enable remote attendees to come in over live video and ask questions face-to-face
Visually engage with colleagues and peers at multiple locations like never before
Include all attendees with the choice to interact by text, voice or video


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"With BlueJeans Primetime we are able to connect with thousands of participants simultaneously and discuss ways to drive decision-making across Red Hat in real-time."

Lee Congdon - CIO
“We’re using BlueJeans Primetime as a culture bridge to get everybody together so that our founders can be leaders and provide that emotional tie back to the founding of the company.”

Steven Soderberg - VP of IT
"With BlueJeans Primetime, we are able to connect and collaborate virtually and with a personal touch, allowing us to be inclusive at the scale of our growing business."

Zack Blum - IT Manager

Cross Department Meetings

Town Halls

Internal All-Hands